CN Rail Primus Liner Install

Project completed in 2017

Project Details

In preparation of the installation of the Primus Line system, we isolated the flow of water to guarantee no water would be present during the renovation time. In a first step, we excavated an entrance and pull pit on either side of the multiple sets of tracks and cut out a small section of pipe. The pipe was then CCTV inspected to assess the condition of the host pipe.

Then we performed mechanical cleaning of the host pipe using rubber pigs. The 30 meters of six-inch liner was delivered pre-folded into U-shape on a transport reel directly to the site. A pulling head was mounted to the start of the liner and connected to a rotation joint and subsequently to the cable of a pulling winch. The liner was installed and was re-rounded using compressed air. The Primus Line ANSI flanges were installed on both ends of the pipe section and were successfully pressure-tested and reconnected to the existing pipeline.

The total project was completed in four days and the life of the existing asset was extended by at least 50 years.