Excavation, grading, and site preparation for seamless project execution

At CORE Industrial we take pride in offering top-tier earthworks services to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the mining, construction, and industrial sectors across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. Our team and our fleet of rugged heavy equipment ensures that every project is completed with the utmost precision, efficiency, and safety. Whether you require assistance with road construction, site preparation, or landscaping, CORE Industrial has the expertise and resources to deliver outstanding results every time.

Our earthworks services encompass a wide range of applications, including large foundation preparations, lease builds, and crane pad installations. With our fleet of skid steers, loaders, excavators, dozers, rock trucks, and gravel trucks, we have the versatility and capacity to tackle projects of any scale. We understand that each project is unique, and our team is committed to working closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that optimize efficiency and minimize downtime.

In addition to our construction and excavation services, CORE Industrial is also equipped to handle trenching, basement digging, septic tank installations, and landscaping projects. We recognize that the success of your operations often depends on the quality of the groundwork, and the team at CORE is dedicated to providing the solid foundation you need to build on. From site leveling and grading to excavation and material placement, every aspect of our earthworks projects are executed to the highest industry standards.

We don’t stop at just earthworks, either. CORE also provides snow removal services, ensuring that your operations continue smoothly even in the harshest of prairie winter conditions. Don’t let long grass make things untidy: you can also take advantage of our fleet of tractor/mowers, we can efficiently clear roads, parking lots, and other essential areas, keeping your facilities accessible and safe throughout the season. 


  • What types of earthworks projects can you handle?

    We can handle a wide range of earthworks projects, including road builds, large foundation preps, lease builds, crane pads, trenching, basements, septic tanks, landscaping, dugouts, and snow removal – there is no job too big or small.

  • What types of equipment do you use for your earthworks services?

    Our extensive fleet of equipment includes skid steers, loaders, excavators (big and small), dozers, rock trucks, gravel trucks, and tractor/mowers to ensure the efficient execution of your earthworks projects.

  • Do you provide trained operators for your earthworks equipment?

    Yes, we provide highly skilled and experienced operators for our earthworks equipment, ensuring safe and efficient project execution.