Lagoon Rehab

Project completed in 2020

Project Details

The scope of this project is to replace the existing lagoon truck dumpsite and upgrades including:

  • Mobilize labour, equipment and materials for construction
  • Excavate existing un-suitable materials, rip rap and debris from dump site, haul off-site
  • Construct and extend road embankment on dump road and new spillway
  • Shoulder widening for truck turning to exit dump site
  • Supply and install concrete canvas to spillway Scarify and re-compact existing road surface, remove un-suitables from footprint
  • Place and compact 300mm of Sub-Base course gravel to road sub-surface
  • Place and compact 150mm of Type 33 base course gravel to road surface
  • Supply and install geotextile and rip rap to disturbed slopes Supply and install bollards
  • Cleanup and demobilize